Well everybody after spending the last half of 2015 thinking that interest rates were going to take a jump beginning 2016...all the hype may have been just that.  While the Feds have tightened the noose on short term interest rates we have seen very little adjustment in the 30 year fixed (mortgage rates that affect people I know).  

So I'm thinking our biggest concern here in East Texas is going to continue to be low inventory of homes for sale and climbing sales prices.  It has definitely turned into a sellers market.  A lot of buyers that come to me still have a mindset of 5 years ago and want to make very low offers on properties that already have multiple offers or are gone in a couple of days.  The investor market that typically cleans up the un-insurable properties is also currently experiencing low inventories.  

So my advise to home buyers is to come prepared. Make sure you have a relationship with a local lender that offers a variety of loan products and know what price range you are qualified for....then look for the home or property!  Some of my buyers have recently chosen not to use all of their buying power and work on the equity side keeping their payments low while improving the home.  The choice is yours!

Asking for help doesn't cost a thing and could save you fuel, rubber and frustration!!  Here's to a GREAT 2016!!

Debbie W.