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Realtor Debbie Wold Discusses Overcoming the Fear of Becoming an Entrepreneur



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Is there any more inspirational business tale than that of the entrepreneur? The entrepreneur must take major risks, while possessing excellent sales skills and an impeccable business sense to be successful, and if that’s not inspiring, I don’t know what is.


Realtors, who are entrepreneurs in their own right, must also possess these traits, and it’s for that reason I recently embarked on a series of interviews with a number of them from around the country. I want to shine a light on their stories, which others can learn from.

One of these realtors I spoke with is EXIT Realty Pro Debbie Wold of Debbie Wold Real Estate. I asked her how she got into the industry, and she said that two things drew her to it. The first was encouragement from her mother who has been “a top producing agent since the mid 70s,” she said.


Wold told me her mother would always tell her, “You need to consider getting your license. You have the personality for it.”


The second thing that drew Wold to real estate was “a great experience” selling her ranch.


“My Realtor (who is still a good friend of  mine) made the experience so easy and stress free,” she recalled. “She made selling my home fun. I had a really great job working in a management position and after 18 years I decided I needed a plan B. The encouragement from these two ladies helped me overcome my fear of becoming an entrepreneur or starting my own business. This encouragement helped me make the best decision of my life and I started that journey in late 2009.”


Asked what she loves about being a real estate agent in her area, Wold said, “Making a difference in people's lives. Selling your house, buying a home, deciding to move are all life changing decisions and most of the time there are other variables going on in people’s lives that the actual house transaction is the easiest part. I recognize the needs of my clients but I also understand that there are people that matter on the other side of the deal as well. I start the transaction working to assure that everyone needs are met and most of the time leave with closing table with everyone smiling. When that happens I know I have made a difference, my job is done and I'm at my happiest”


This is a key difference between working in real estate as opposed to another type of self-employment even in the home space, such as a handyman or an inspector, you get to help a lot of people make major life decisions, and that can be very fulfilling.


“My proudest moment is when I hit my sales goal in 2014 and received Top Listing Agent and Most Sides/Transactions in my region,” Wold said. “That recognition spurred me to push harder I doubled my sales was recognized again in 2015. That was followed by 2 of my former clients recommending me to Top Agent Magazine and they chose to me on the cover of the Texas Addition in March 2016. I believe that growth and achievement happened because I took my focus off the money and put it on helping people.”


I asked Wold about what she perceives to be the biggest challenge in the real estate industry and how she overcomes it.


“Our current market is a market that even my mother has not experienced,” she said. “Currently DFW and surrounding areas in East TX are in a 'sellers market" but most areas have only a 2-3 month supply of homes.  There isn't enough inventory for the number of buyers looking to buy. Most homes priced and marketed correctly have multiple offers in a matter of days or hours.  That means there are disappointed buyers everyday looking for a Realtor that will give them an advantage.  We also have a new buyer in town.... the Millennial generation is a different customer.  If they do not find exactly what they are looking for they may not buy anything.  Most are experts using internet sites to search the market for themselves. They are very tech savvy and expect their Realtors to be as well. So I make sure my marketing and communication tools are on the cutting edge.  My website, marketing, social media and my communications set me apart from others.  EXIT Realty helps us agents set the bar with our technology, I work hard to become proficient and take advantage of everything they offer. This way I can be the Realtor of choice for Baby Boomers to Millennials!”


Now that’s the attitude of an entrepreneur!

Debbie Wold

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  Over the years of having bought & sold homes in which to live in different areas of the country, I've dealt with a number of Realtors.
  Nearly all were more or less similar....except for two, one was a personal friend who gave loving care to my dying wife.  The other was Debbie Wold who stood out from all the rest because of the level of extra service she provided.
   What made her stand out was that Debbie Wold dealt with every detail herself, making connections when necessary and organizing, gathering, arranging and preparing documentation and meetings for me so that I was free to deal with the numerous other issues that challenged me as I dealt with purchasing a different home hundreds of miles away.
   She explained what they were and why she was making necessary preparations.  The she organized and provided what I need to do explicitly, providing needed legal material for me to sign and initial from many miles away.
   Debbie's extra effort and attention to detail make the difference that enabled me not only to survive the process from far away but to celebrate the sale in far less time than other Realtors who were attempting to sell similar homes in the same area.
Doug Heslip
Debbie rocks!! That is the best way to describe it. She is knowledgeable, creative, uber patient, trustworthy and a good friend. This was our first rural property and the contractual elements are different than an urban property. It was really nice having some you can trust in your corner through the negotiation process. Debbie thanks - we love our new place!! Susan Smith
If you want to find someone that is knowledgeable in buildings/homes and land that will become your new home then you have selected the right person for the job. Carrie Sharp
Debbie is an awesome realtor that always puts her client's best interest first! She has worked several deals for us and she is a trusted adviser. She knows the East Texas market really well! Shane & Laurie Gandy
Our experience with Debbie Wold was magnificent She was very professional yet she has such an uncanny way of making you feel like a friend Debbie kept us aware of what was going on when the loan company was very lacking in all communication. She was respectful towards the loan company yet she was forcefull enough to get them to get the job completed Debbie is very knowledgeable and helpful I would highly recommend her. Nelda McMillan
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